Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness 2011: Down to 16

My Bracket

The remarkable implosion of the Big East has surely wreaked havoc upon brackets across the nation and mine was not spared. However, through the help of Yahoo!'s scenario generator, I have figured out that I can still win my group with Mock & Co. if all the teams I still have going continue to win. Here's hoping!

The first weekend of the tournament is always great fun: wall-to-wall games. I love the simultaneous CBS/TNT/TBS/ coverage. How can one not? It would seem objectively that the San Diego State/Temple double overtime thriller was probably the most exciting game thus far but I missed it. The game I enjoyed the most was Washington/North Carolina. I have found over the years that sentiment trumps my bracket pick in my rooting interest almost every time. Naturally, I had the Tar Heels winning the game but couldn't help pulling for the Huskies. I love a scrappy point guard and the Huskies' Isaiah Thomas is one of the nation's best. It is sad, however, when a great game ends with a mistake as it did with Washington's errant in-bounds pass.

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My PE teaching colleague had a bunch of us over to watch the games on Friday night. He needs a pseudonym here. We shall call him Orange Man as he is a Syracuse fan. It was great fun, though I'm sure we spent more time gabbing about work than watching basketball. Orange Man has assembled a new home theater system and is eager to share it. The evening also gave my family what I expect was a welcome break from inane basketball commentary.

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