Sunday, August 24, 2014

State of the Blog 2014

The Squid is hungry.  While the bountiful waters of the past year have brought ample nourishment, he is never sated.  The Armchair Squid continues his quest for fulfillment, trolling familiar waters but also exploring new terrain.  Dear readers, I hope you will join in the feast to come.  It is Year 6 in the life of The Squid.

Blogging Projects
The Cephalopod Coffeehouse, my monthly bloggers' book club, has become the central feature of The Armchair Squid.  My friend Mock and I have also recently launched Mock Squid Soup, a monthly film society.  
I hope both will continue to grow over the coming year.  I find these and similar projects to be the best way to harness the creative energy of the thriving community that is the blogosphere.  I am always open to new ideas for working with other bloggers.

Good Reading
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Thanks to our Family Book Swap this past summer, foodie books have attained prominence at The Armchair Squid.  As such, food and drink are likely to become important topics in the coming year.  More on that below in the Family Adventures section.  In addition to food books, I will continue my reviews of sports books, comic books, children's books and Asian literature.
My Wednesday posts about Star Trek original series episodes have been great fun.  At this writing, I have two more episodes to go in order to finish Season 2.  I will continue this Wednesday series through the show's third and final season - I must in order to earn the merit badge.  At that point, I expect it'll be time for a break, an opportunity to explore other frontiers, closer to home.

Family Adventures
Travel, film and food shall continue to dominate these Sunday evening posts.  As noted in the Good Reading section, food is likely to take a more prominent role.  Apart from eating, the best way to learn more about food is through cooking.  My Wife, as I have written before, is a genius in the kitchen and my own minimal culinary skills are rarely required.  However, I've long been encouraged to take up a cooking hobby and I think I've finally found one that holds long-term inspiration for me.  More on that to come, particularly once I get through Trek.  


No changes planned for this topic.  Music in film has been a most gratifying subject over the past year and I fully intend to continue with it as my own Family Movie Night theme.  Music is likely to turn up in other posts, too.
via The Wonderful Wiki of Oz
I am eternally humbled by those of you who grace me with your time in reading my posts and sharing your thoughts when the spirit moves you.  Your friendship and encouragement are The Squid's lifeblood.  I look forward to our journey to come in Year 6.

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  1. I believe Lord Baden Powell himself will timewarp over and award you the Star Trek Merit Badge. I sure like that part of the Squid patrol.

    1. Thank you again. Your contributions to that series have been delightful.

  2. I wouldn't mind joining in your film group.

    I love visiting your blog, and even though I'm not a Star Trek watcher (have watched a bit, but just haven't properly begun the journey yet) I enjoy reading your reviews of individual episodes.

    I look forward to seeing what the next year brings to your blog!

    And of course it's great to be part of the Coffeehouse. It's something I look forward to, particularly reading up on what others have been reading.

  3. Wow, you sure are organized with your blog. Good for you. I reckon that framework helps keep you going... and I hope you keep going for many more years.

    1. Structure is good. With the whole world to draw from, I'd never be able to choose.