Wednesday, April 11, 2018

On the Coffee Table: Kazu Kibuishi

Title: Amulet, Book Two: The Stonekeeper's Curse
Writer and Artist: Kazu Kibuishi
I guess I have been rather lax with this series.  I read Book One: The Stonekeeper over three years ago (see review here).  As Book Two begins, Emily and her younger brother Navin and their robot crew (reminiscent of the enchanted servants in Disney's Beauty and the Beast) are in the underground city of Kanalis to find a cure for their ailing mother.  All of the town's residents are humanoid animals, apparently victims of a curse (again, reminds one of B&B).  Meanwhile, the elves - the baddies in this tale - are after Emily, who fortunately has gained a new protector: Leon Redbeard, currently in fox/humanoid form.

I'll admit that I had to remind myself about the story details after three years off.  Even so, I'm impressed by the material, especially the breathtaking artwork.  There's a lot to like, even if some of the narrative elements feel derivative.  There's the B&B stuff mentioned above.  Also talking trees a la Wizard of Oz.  For Star Wars fans, there's a much discussed life force, a prominent temptation of power theme, satisfying duels and, of course, daddy issues. 

Of course, we'll see if I remember all of this by the time I get to Book Three in 2021.  Thank goodness for online synopses!


  1. Sounds you were impressed by this.

    1. Yes, definitely a good series. As I commented to Andrew above, it does not quite measure up to Bone, the gold standard of the genre, but I doubt anything would.

  2. This is so popular with a lot of my friends' kids. I haven't picked up Amulet yet- but I do love graphic novels. Glad you enjoyed this one.