Friday, March 22, 2019

A Window Above: Let's Get It On

Song: "Let's Get It On"
Writers: Marvin Gaye and Ed Townsend
Original Release: June 15, 1973
Performer: Marvin Gaye

Sexiest song ever?  Quite possibly.  If not, it's on a damn short list.

It didn't start off that way.  Townsend initially wrote it as a religious song after he came out of alcohol rehab.  Then Kenneth Stover changed the lyrics to serve a political theme.  Finally, Gaye and Townsend brought the sex.  The song became the centerpiece and title-track for a sex-themed album, a sharp contrast to the political masterpiece, What's Going On, released in 1971.  The song and the album firmly established Gaye as a sexual icon for the rest of his short life and beyond.  The "Let's Get It On" single was not only his best seller.  It was, to that point, Motown's best-selling record ever.

Vocally, the song may well be Marvin Gaye's magnum opus, exhibiting a breathtaking range of both pitch and emotion.  Indeed, few pop songs of any genre or era can compare.  He is backed on the track by The Funk Brothers.

The earlier, political version - still amazing but somehow lacking:

The song has a sequel on the album, "Keep Gettin' It On":

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  1. I do love this song and it is sexy. I can't even think how they would want political lyrics with this. It just doesn't work. What a shame that he died in such a bad way, from his own father.

    1. Marvin Gaye's is a brutally sad story overall. Depression and addiction: wretched combination.

  2. thank you for sharing the songs... exciting lyrics

  3. What a voice and such a tragic life.

    cheers, parsnip