Friday, April 26, 2019

A Window Above: You Better You Bet

Song: "You Better You Bet"
Writer: Pete Townshend
Original Release: February 27, 1981
Band: The Who

"You Better You Bet" was the lead single for the 1981 album Face Dances.  It was the last Who single to make the top 20 on the US charts or the top 10 in the UK.  Lead singer Roger Daltrey claims it as one of his all-time favorites, loving the Elvis-like vocal line as he describes it.

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Enjoy: A Window Above

What are you listening to these days?


  1. Hard to image that the last time The Who was in the top 20 was nearly 40 years ago... I’m feeling old!

    1. The years add up for all of us. Beats the alternative!

  2. I don't recognize the title.
    I'll try to get back to listen later today, though I'm going to be gone a lot of it, so that might not happen.
    So many softball games right now!

  3. one of my favorites....
    thank you for sharing the video

  4. Loved hearing this today. Reminds me of high school and one of my best friends who is a Who fanatic. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Growing up, I favored both the Beatles and the Stones over The Who. I've grown to appreciate them more as an adult.