Monday, January 11, 2021

Marvel Immersion Project: Thor #345-350

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Thor #345
Originally Published July 10, 1984
Writer and Artist: Walter Simonson
  • The story of the Casket of Ancient Winters begins.
  • Korean War vet Roger Willis is told of the casket.  He doesn't know what it is but he's been charged with protecting it with his life.
  • Thor arrives, having broken a date with Melodi across town in order to help.
  • Malekith wants the casket, too, and kills Eric, Roger's eternally youthful father, in the pursuit.

Thor #346
August 10, 1984
Walter Simonson
  • Roger finds the casket on an abandoned stretch of the West Side Highway and is almost immediately attacked by Malekith and the Hounds of the Hunter.  Thor helps to fend them off.  The Hounds' weakness: iron.
  • Back at Melodi/Lorelei's apartment, Thor finally drinks her enchanted golden mead and is compelled to fall in love with her.
  • Unfortunately, the Melodi in attendance is not the real thing but an animated stock of wood.  The real Melodi/Lorelei has been kidnapped by Malekith.
  • To get her back, Thor must bring the casket to the Cotswalds of England.

Thor #347
September 10, 1984
Walter Simonson
  • Thor and Roger head to the Cotswalds to rescue Melodi.
  • Thor battles Algrim.  Malekith sends both into a bottomless chasm.
  • Meanwhile, Malekith blinds Roger (fortunately, only temporarily).
  • Back in Asgard, Balder meets the Norns.
Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun via Wikipedia

  • Odin summons the Warriors Three - Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg - and commands that they prepare forces for war.  He senses that Surtur is about to attack.

Thor #348
October 10, 1984
Walter Simonson
  • Thor and Roger defeat Malekith, but not before Malekith destroys the casket.
  • Surtur enters our realm and Asgardian forces brace for war.

Thor #349
November 10, 1984
Walter Simonson
  • The shattering of the casket causes unseasonable cold in Midgard, a winter experienced in other Marvel publications at the time which is kinda cool (pun intended).
  • Roger suspects Melodi/Lorelei's enchantment of Thor but through a separate spell, she prevents him from telling Thor.
  • Odin tells the history of the struggle against Surtur, the story that begins his own rise to power as ruler of Asgard.
  • Beta Ray Bill is summoned to Asgard to help in the coming battle.

Thor #350
December 10, 1984
Walter Simonson
  • Odin summons all of the Norse gods and goddesses to aid in the battle against Surtur, including:
    • Hermod, based on Hermóðr, the messenger of the gods
    • Skurge the Executioner
    • Amora the Enchantress
  • Thor enlists the help of the Avengers, including Captain Marvel (new alias: Monica Rambeau), Scarlet Witch, Starfox and the Wasp.
Monica Rambeau via Wikipedia

Starfox via Wikipedia

  • All but Odin and Heimdall go to New York to fend off Surtur and his minions.  Odin and Heimdall remain to defend Asgard.
  • Surtur breaks through when Bifrost is revealed, a result of the freak winter storm.
  • To be continued...


    1. When I find my Thor stuff as I sell off my comics, I think I will definitely have to re-read these before I sell them.

      1. Jury's still out for me, though I just read #355. That was a good one. Less brawling - always helps for me.

    2. My husband had a complete collection of Thor until 1985, when we loved out of country. We asked a friend to store the box until we could send for it. Their son trashed them. He was a loser then, and is apparently one now.