Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Squid Mixes: Prairie Fire

A Prairie Fire combines white tequila and Tabasco sauce in a shot glass.  I got my recipe from The Architecture of the Shot by Paul Knorr.  Technically, because of the tequila, this is a Mexican or Texas Prairie Fire.  According to Knorr, it was invented as a punishment for losing a bar bet.

It definitely brings some heat!  The hot sauce creates a pretty little cloud at the top of the glass - you may be able to see it in the photo.  My wife said the drink looks like a heavily watered down Bloody Mary.  


  1. huh... I'm not sure if that sounds good or not.

    Yes, I know, long time.
    Trying to get back in the swing of things.

    1. Always delighted to hear from you, Andrew!

      I would not go so far as to recommend this drink. This whole shot exploration deal is mostly experimentation, particularly with the visual aspect of mixing.

      The flavor of this one is honestly pretty horrendous, not likely to be repeated. But the Tabasco cloud thing is cool - can't say I ever noticed it before.