Monday, January 10, 2022

Marvel Unlimited: Age of Apocalypse Reign/Omega

A thought to ponder for those who know the story...

The premise of Age of Apocalypse is an alternate time stream in which Xavier was killed before he could form the X-Men.  Instead, Magneto does it.  He is a stricter but no less devoted leader.  Isn't Magneto, then, the key to the whole scenario?  Which prevented the rise of Apocalypse to absolute power: Xavier's leadership or Magneto's antagonism of that leadership?  Yeah, I know, the copout answer is both.

In other news...

X-Universe (fourth in the list below) started strong, bringing a living Gwen Stacy into the timeline - and she's a badass!  Unfortunately, from there, the Avengers and Fantastic Four were brought into a narrative that was already overstaffed.  I guess some people like their comic books this way.  I'm a little curious - though not curious enough - to know what it would be like to read this story taking each separate thread on its own.  The order I've chosen is in release order and that's as I intended but still, I wonder.  At the time, after all, some readers must have chosen not to read every single issue.

My Recent Reads

The Astonishing X-Men #3
Cover Date: May 1995
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Jeph Loeb

The Amazing X-Men #3
May 1995
Fabian Nicieza/Andy Kubert

X-Man #3
May 1995
Loeb/Steve Skroce

via Amazon

X-Universe #1
May 1995
Lobdell and Terry Kavanagh/Carlos Pacheco

Weapon X #3
May 1995
Larry Hama/Kubert

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Generation Next #3
May 1995
Lobdell/Chris Bachalo


  1. Working in the comics industry at the time, virtually everyone was reading everything.
    One guy was doing Wolverine only because that was the only comic he read, but pretty much everyone who was into Marvel was trying to read it all.

    1. I try to imagine how I would have approached it myself at the time. I would have kept piles for each series, I think, so I could easily refer back as each new issue came in.