Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ATP Tour Finale: Poaching

Day session -
Bhupati/Knowles d. Fyrstenberg/Matkowski in three sets
Juan Martin del Potro d. Fernando Verdasco in three sets

Night session -
Cermak/Mertinak d. Nestor/Zimonjic in straight sets
Roger Federer d. Andy Murray in three sets

Mark Knowles is another favorite of mine, partly because he is a rare top international athlete from the Bahamas, partly because he may well be the best volleyer in the world but mostly because of what happened to him a few years ago in his breakup with longtime doubles partner Daniel Nester of Canada. Nestor decided that Knowles didn't have the serve to compete for majors anymore so he cut his pal loose and hooked up with the Serbian Zimonjic. After Knowles and Nestor made the announcement but before they actually parted ways, they won the French Open together. Suddenly, an already awkward situation became downright surreal. The two decided to finish the year together anyway and move on to their new partners afterwards.

Anyway, I've always felt that Knowles got a raw deal and hope that he benefits more from the breakup than Nestor and that in the long run, poetic justice will be served.

I'm still learning about this game I've come to love so dearly. I am occasionally hindered by the fact that I never played the game myself except for a mini-course in college. For instance, I never understood what poaching was in doubles so I finally looked it up on the Web today. It's when the player at the net intercepts a ball before it bounces back for his teammate to get.

I'm so happy that Fed beat Murray. I can hardly express how happy that makes me. Roger has now wrapped up the year-end #1 ranking.

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