Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm with the Band: LSU

Band: Louisiana State University Tiger Marching Band
University: Louisiana State University
Founded: 1893
Current Director: Roy King
Fight Song: "Fight for LSU"

This year's BCS championship was also a showcase for two of the best bands in the Southeast Conference.

All This and Football, Too

My Picks for the Week: 0/2
My Picks for the Bowl Season: 21/35 (5th place out of 12 players)

The two people I know best in the group finished at the top. Mock won the group - in fact, he'd clinched the top spot with one game left to play. An old high school friend of mine, whom we shall call The Bomber, came in second. All of the people ahead of me picked more games correctly than I did. But, so did five who finished behind me. As such, thoughtfulness in confidence point allocation is clearly worthwhile. Once again, following the regular season more closely definitely helped.

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