Sunday, January 22, 2012

Off My Duff: Gearing Up

With a slick new jersey and shin guards attached with duct tape, I'm gradually working my way up to a respectable level of broomball gear. We have a bye week coming up and I aim to go helmet shopping. Blue Liner has ordered specialty broomball shoes. To think, but a few months ago, I'd never even considered that such a thing existed. They're $90 a pair so not a casual investment. If he notices a difference, I may consider doing the same.

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We lost again this weekend. 6-1 was the final score. There are moments when we play really well and scoring goals is always encouraging. But there is, obviously, still a lot of room for improvement. I feel I've gotten incrementally better at a few things. I'm getting the hang of winning the ball off of an offensive player. I'm getting better at passing. I am careless around my own net, though. Two of the goals we allowed were deflections off of my stick (Blue Liner claims he's still one ahead of me for own goals but he may have just been trying to make me feel better). I'm still not comfortable moving around on the ice, either. Of course, the ice has been particularly slick the past two games as the skating class before us insists on having it cleared. Still, better shoes would help a lot.

Our team play has improved quite a bit, I think. We talk a lot more. We have a better sense of positions. The new shirts have helped to foster a sense of identity. But, in addition to opportunities to practice, I feel we could use a stronger sense of purpose and, occasionally, perspective. I want to win. I want to learn to play better. But more that anything, I want to enjoy the time with my colleagues, win or lose.

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