Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Clone Wars: Season One

We have reached the end of Season 1 in our exploration of The Clone Wars.   Episode posts resume next Tuesday with Season 2.  But first, a quick reflection...

General Impressions

As much as I love the Star Wars movies, I am eager for The Clone Wars series to have a life of its own. Therefore, the more intriguing stories for me are the ones exploring aspects of the saga beyond the basic Jedi vs. Sith premise.  So far, the best theme going is the relationship between the Jedi and the clone troopers who serve them.  The United States was still in two wars at the beginning of the series's run and the plight of the common soldier was a relevant point of discussion.  We've also had welcome glimpses of Star Wars's seamy underworld, an important part of the original trilogy.  I am hoping for more of the same in seasons to come.

Favorite Episode: "Rookies"
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The tedious existence of the clones on a remote outpost is disturbed by a Separatist invasion.  In its best moments, the story doesn't feel like Star Wars at all, recalling instead the war movies of an earlier age. "Rookies" reveals the depths of the clones' devotion to their cause and also to one another.  I actually teared up a little at the tale's climax.

Least Favorite Episode: "Cloak of Darkness"
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There's really nothing wrong with this episode.  In fact, quality is fairly even throughout the first season.  But the stench of formula came wafting through with this story, the third in a row built upon a prison break narrative structure.  Obviously, such a plot is bread and butter for the franchise, going all the way back to the first movie.  But as I stated in my general impressions, I'm eager for the series to find its own path.  Same old same old ain't gonna cut it.

Favorite New Character: Hondo Ohnaka
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Hondo, a Weequay pirate, is introduced in "Dooku Captured," part one of a two-episode arc.  He is voiced by Jim Cummings who took his inspiration for Hondo from Star Trek's Khan.  He is also going to be back.  His next appearance comes in Season 2.  I take this as a strong indication that The Clone Wars will develop some of its own stories going forward.


Season 1 ended in March 2009.  Real pirates were in the news in April when a band of Somalis gained control of the Maresk Alabama, captained by Richard Phillips.  In June, the world lost the King of Pop.  The Clone Wars returned with Season 2 in October.

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  1. Have you watched any of the second season? If so, does it have the break-away arc you wish for?

    1. Just the first episode so far. Too early to say but I am optimistic.

  2. I love Hondo. It's always a good episode when he shows up!

  3. I must look up Clone Wars so I can view along with the crew of the "Armchair Squid" full speed ahead.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I hope that season 2 proves to be all that you want it to be. :) I still haven't seen an episode, but I hope to find them out there in the tv/Netflix world.