Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Clone Wars: Eminence

Andrew Leon and I are watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Every Tuesday, we will be featuring an episode from the series which began in 2008.

Episode: "Eminence"
Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Season 5, Episode 14
Original Air Date: January 18, 2013
via Wookieepedia
We don't have too many episodes to go at this point.  There are only six more for Season 5, then the 13 "Lost Missions" episodes.  As we're fairly well along in the broader story, a lot of narrative threads are converging.  My reactions to an individual episode or arc are subject to my feelings about those individual threads.

"Eminence" brings us back to the Savage Opress/Darth Maul story we last visited in "Revival."  For anyone following my episode order, the Netflix order, that was several weeks ago.  For anyone following Andrew's, the DVD order, it was just last week.   I have mixed feelings about the arc.  On the one hand, I like Savage and pretty much all of his background tale.  On the other hand, I am not so keen on the reemergence of Darth Maul.  On yet another hand (or a foot?), "Eminence" brings us back to the Mandalore/Death Watch struggle which I enjoy. 

When we last saw Savage and Maul, they had just gotten away from an encounter with Obi-Wan Kenobi.  This week, we find them adrift and alone in space, but suddenly rescued by Death Watch soldiers, led by our old friends Pre Vizsla and Bo-Katan Kryze.  The two parties form an unlikely alliance, the brothers supplying Sith muscle, Death Watch providing numbers, equipment and supplies.  Neither side is playing straight, though.  We take a nice stroll through Star Wars's underworld, too, as the new partners work to broaden their sphere of influence.
via Wookieepedia
Along the way, the new team of baddies call on the Hutt family.  Among the Grand Hutt Council is Oruba, for whom the meeting goes especially poorly.  "Eminence" is Oruba's third Clone Wars appearance.  He is voiced by Corey Burton.

Next week: "Shades of Reason."


  1. I'm looking forward to re-seeing where this arc goes. I think it must be what redeemed bringing Maul back for me, because I seem to remember it being quite exciting. This episode was, at any rate.

    1. The Mandalore story is always rich. Also, this story is where the return of Maul has broader meaning. I still think much of the same could have been accomplished with a Ventress/Savage team.

  2. I need to find the time to watch this show. Your reviews are always so interesting.
    Sorry to hear about the snow, we have a cold (for us) rainstorm here for a few days but as with this crazy weather we went from 103 last weekend to 67 today and the back up to 90+ this weekend.
    We had another fire south of us but a day of rain helped get it under control.
    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thankfully, we don't have to worry about forest fires as much as you do in the west but they do happen. Some years ago, there were fires in Quebec and the winds blew the smoke our way.

  3. Oruba Hutt holds his ground, since he covers a large amount of good farm land.