Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Squid Mixes: Cardamom Manhattan

As previously written, I've been looking to bring cardamom into my Manhattan game for a while now.  Bitters seemed an opportunity for a more subtle flavor injection than I got with ground cardamom.  Lapis in DC uses both cardamom and Angostura for their drink so I figured I could, too.  

For Trial #1, I used the two bitters in equal parts.  The result was good, though the cardamom wasn't enough.  So, for Trial #2, I went 2:1 in favor of the cardamom over the Angostura.  Bingo.  I suppose one could go all in on the cardamom but I like the interplay of the two together.

I don't feel comfortable calling my drink a Lapis Manhattan because the restaurant includes ingredients I didn't: orange peel and Scotch.  Plus, I imagine their bartenders have a clever way of infusing the cardamom flavor directly from the seeds that I haven't sorted out yet.  Maybe next time I go, I'll sit at the bar and watch them make it.

For now, mine is simply a Cardamom Manhattan.


  1. Yeah, I'm going to have to try out this cardamom thing.

  2. What other spices might be good in drink? I haven't thought about this before

    1. Hmm... cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves all turn up a bit, especially in hot beverages. Anise flavoring certainly has its adherents. Black pepper. Hot red pepper sauces. I suppose technically, vanilla is a spice.

      There's definitely room to play here, especially with inventive ways to bring more heat to a drink.