Monday, November 1, 2021

Marvel Unlimited: Infinity Gauntlet #5-6; Marvel Comics Presents #72

I finished Infinity Gauntlet - can't say I was impressed.  There's just way too much: too many characters; all action all the time; no subtlety, ever.  As far as I can tell, it was a chance to bring as many heroes together into one story and drum up the one villain capable of giving them a decent fight.  The artwork, I will grant, is impressive.

And yes, I feel basically the same way about the movie.

Back to Wolverine, though actually Logan features in Infinity Gauntlet because everyone does.  Back to his personal story.  The Weapon X arc, a feature within in the Marvel Comics Presents series, tells the tale of Wolverine's history with Canada's clandestine government program for turning humans - and mutants - into weapons.  It feels good to come back to an earthier story focused on one character I enjoy a great deal.

My Recent Reads

Infinity Gauntlet #5
Originally released September 17, 1991
Writer: Jim Starlin
Artist: Ron Lim

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Infinity Gauntlet #6
October 15, 1991

Marvel Comics Presents #72
January 24, 1991
Story: "Weapon X: Prologue"
Barry Windsor-Smith


  1. Marvel Comics Presents had some good stories in it.

    1. Interestingly, in this run of the title, only the Weapon X story is available on Marvel Unlimited, though others were clearly included according the the wiki pages. I guess there hasn't been as much demand for those.

    2. People don't know about them, I'm sure. The Weapon X story, though, was a big deal at the time. It was the first real exploration of Wolverine's origin story.
      They should have left it at that.
      If I ever manage to go through my comic collection again, I'll take a look through my run and see what else was good in there.

    3. I've gotten to the end now and will write more in next week's post. I see its value for the reasons you state. Still not really sure how I feel overall.

  2. The Thanos storytelling was generally good. Starlin found some vivid depths for that guy. I haven’t read Infinity Gauntlet, but a bunch of dude stories. His obsession with Death (absent from the movies except the tease in his first appearance) was unique.

    1. Meh. He's okay. Not my favorite villain. I can appreciate why he was the right choice here but he's way too close to invincible for my tastes.

      And yes, I have the same problem with Superman.

  3. It certainly wouldn't be the first series I'd recommend to people.