Monday, November 22, 2021

Marvel Unlimited: Marvels #1-3

Marvels is a wonderful series.  The history of the Marvel Universe is told from the perspective of Phil Sheldon, a professional news photographer.  We revisit loads of big events: the Richards' wedding, the introduction of the Sentinels and best of all, for me at least, the Galactus/Silver Surfer story.  The source material is vast.  Some of it I know, some I don't, though the series certainly leaves me curious enough to backtrack.  

The broader themes are the most important where the Phil Sheldon story is concerned.  What happens when the everyman gets caught up in the anti-mutant mania, then finds a mutant child living hidden in his own home?  How does he react to the ebb and flow of public trust in the superheroes?

Without question, the highlight of the series is the artwork.  Alex Ross's painted images are stunning, especially for the Galactus story.  

My Recent Reads

Marvels #1
Originally released November 9, 1993
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artist: Alex Ross

Marvels #2
December 14, 1993

Marvels #3
January 25, 1994


  1. It's a great series with a stunning presentation.

    1. I am definitely impressed and my expectations were high. Knowing the source material is essential to a full appreciation but even without, execution is so strong.