Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bowl Season: Rotten Ending to a Great Game

So, what would one put in a GMAC bowl? Auto loan paperwork? I will say, Mobile, Alabama has always looked like a fun town to me. Oldest Mardi Gras parade in the US, you know.

A blocked field goal is a rotten way to end a great game. To me, a great game is one in which both teams play well and it's just a shame that one of them has to lose. Overtime or extra innings are not necessary. A great finish does not make a great game. Both Central Michigan and Troy played fabulously tonight. It was certainly the best game I've watched so far this bowl season. But it ended on a mistake. Can't blame the kicker. Somebody missed the block at the line. Players and fans of the losing team won't remember the rest of the game. Just the blocked kick - second year in a row that Troy has lost a bowl game in this fashion. That's a shame.

For me, it's down to a battle for fifth place tomorrow night. The math is pretty straight forward. If I pick the same team as the guy in sixth and our team loses, I win fifth place. If our team wins, he takes fifth. If we pick opposite teams, I win if my team wins. Since I can't win the group, the next best scenario is for Mock to win it. He's currently in fourth but can win if his team wins and everyone ahead of him picks the opposite team. Got all that?



  1. I can win if the guy ahead of me picks a different team from me. I'm tempted to ask him who his pick just so I can change mine. I don't really care who wins the football game, but I want to win this (most important) fantasy bowl game league.

  2. I hope you enjoyed your fantasy session (that sounds so wrong...)

    We usually do baseball and football, too. Plus some NCAA stuff. I'll keep you in the loop.

  3. Okay, so I lied. I did care who won the football game. I am neither a fan of Texas or a fan of Alabama, but after the Longhorn's starting quarterback got knocked out of the game I strangely became interested in Texas pulling off an upset. I am a sucker for the underdog.