Saturday, March 6, 2010

Davis Cup 2010: Isner as Stand-In

Mike Bryan was a victim of food poisoning so John Isner had to take his place in the doubles match today. Bob Bryan and Isner got the job done, keeping the tie alive for the Americans. The pressure is still on Isner, though, as he must topple Djokovic in tomorrow's first singles match. Good luck to him. He'll need it.

Our Girl watched the first set with me. I seriously doubt that she'll ever become an avid sports fan but she enjoys sitting with me, which is sweet. I'll enjoy that while it lasts. She did ask if we could watch speed skating and was genuinely disappointed to hear that the Olympics were over. It's funny, I fully expected her to be more interested in figure skating as she is an enthusiastic dancer but no, she likes to watch them race. I suppose it makes sense when I look at it another way: dancing provides her an artistic outlet so she seeks a different sort of thrill in learning to skate. I admire that.

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