Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness: Hoyas Crash

My Brackets

Work Pool: 11 points
Mock's Pool: 10
Control Group: 9
Out of Control Group: 7
Fairy Tale: 6

I am very amused to note that, at least for Day 1, I would have been better off picking all underdogs than picking teams I like.

So, the Hoyas are out. Their inconsistency caught up with them. Let's take nothing away from Ohio. They shot the lights out. Tennessee shall get no free pass.

The most important off-season question for Georgetown should be answered before too long: will Greg Monroe stick around or will he enter the NBA draft? My guess is the latter. Monroe possesses an unusual skill set for a big man, given his shooting range and exceptional passing ability. He's likely to find work on NBA rosters for many years to come.

One has to wonder about team chemistry on a team with such inconsistent results. All winter, Georgetown has been the team that seemed capable of winning or losing any game on their schedule. On paper, Ohio should have been toast. On the court, they were definitely the better team. The game wasn't really close. So one does have to wonder, with all of the talent the Hoyas can put on the floor, what has the interpersonal atmosphere been like in the locker room? Could Monroe's seemingly inevitable departure actually help that atmosphere in the long run?

The good news for the Hoyas is that they have no seniors. Apart from Monroe, everyone else should be back. A talented team with something to prove is a dangerous opponent indeed. Just wait until next year.

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