Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Football Fantasy: The Mike Williams Society

College League: Squid loses, 66.20-64.46 (2-7 overall record)
Vermont League: Squid wins, 73.50-71.66 (5-4)
My MVP: Mike Williams (Wide Receiver, Buccaneers) with 89 receiving yards and 1 touchdown

Photo via Hawk Fantasy Sports

Things are definitely heading in opposite directions for me in my two leagues. I'm still in seventh place in the Vermont league, only points behind the sixth team for the last playoff spot. In the college league, I can now only manage a .500 record at best for the season. It could happen.

Squeakers in both leagues for me this week. In both cases, it came down to Monday night, my having a slight lead with no players left. Both of my opponents had one Steeler to play: Hines Ward (WR) in the college league, Heath Miller (TE) in the Vermont league. Neither had a great game but Ward scored a touchdown which was enough to ensure my opponent the win.

I have two wide receivers named Mike Williams on my Vermont roster. The other plays for Seattle but I didn't start him this week. The Tampa Bay Williams is a rookie making a pretty decent splash in his first year.

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  1. There was a little bit of chatter about the Mike Williams name making some noise this year. I'd say it's definitely lived up to the hype in a relative sense.