Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Baseball: Happy for the Giants

As much as I would have preferred the Rangers to win, I can't deny that it's pretty exciting for a team to win its first World Series in 56 years. 5 games is pretty decisive, too. The Gaints are certainly worthy champions.

Bold Proposal

We had just one day of November baseball and, fortunately, it was in a southern climate. November baseball would still exist in my bold proposal universe but with a twist. The major league title would be just the beginning for the Giants. From here, we would move on to a real World Series, a tournament to include not only the United States/Canada champion but also the champions from other great baseball nations: Cuba (Industriales are this year's champion), Japan (Japan Series currently being contested by the Chunichi Dragons and Chiba Lotte Marines), South Korea (SK Wyverns), etc. The teams could gather in one city with a domed stadium (Tokyo, New Orleans) or a balmy November climate (suddenly, no NFL teams in LA becomes an advantage) and play a round-robin tournament to determine a true world champion.

Checking in with the Orioles

The next adventure on the baseball calendar is free agent signings. The conventional wisdom with the Birds is that they need a veteran pitcher to mentor their young staff and a power hitter or two for the 3- and/or 4-spots in the lineup. Here are The Baltimore Sun's thoughts on the best targets for the O's.

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