Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family Adventures: Sterling Pond Trail

Following is My Wife's write-up of our hike today:

Hike #9 - Sterling Pond Trail

It was a good hike for me, too. It was not particularly strenuous physically, though I was frustrated at times having to navigate through so much water. I have one personal limitation which may hold us back a bit in our quest to hike the entire trail: I am afraid of heights. We tested the bounds of my anxiety a few times today but I managed. I've assured My Wife that I will let her know when the my limit is reached.

To bring next time:
- An extra layer for Our Girl. In truth, I don't think she would have really needed her fleece jacket but would have been happier to know it was an option.

It may have been more strenuous than I realized. I'm exhausted!

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