Friday, July 29, 2011

My Favorite Athlete: Horse Camp

I love living in a small town. Last week at swim lessons, one of the moms invited Our Girl to attend her horse camp this week - total spur of the moment. Sure, why not, we said.

Image via Karen's Whimsy

We live in what has to be considered horse country, stables all over the place amidst the dairy farms. For her second birthday, we took Our Girl to visit one of them and she was pretty intimidated. I don't think she'd realized how big horses were. Since then, she hadn't shown much interest in riding. We were a little surprised by how readily she agreed to go. But heck, it's summer and it's gotta be more fun than hanging out at home with Dad!

It was a neat camp. They learned about the history of horses, the role of the horse in Native American culture, horse yoga (ya gotta love Vermont), etc. They'd already moved onto other things by the time I came for pickup but apparently Our Girl did very well with the riding. She's already asked if she can do it again sometime.

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  1. I head out on Tuesday for some horseback riding with the camp I am working should prove interesting.