Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Favorite Athlete: Swimming, Summer 2011

Our Girl took a Red Cross Level 2 swimming class this past week. Unfortunately, she didn't pass. I accept responsibility for that. Prior to this week, we didn't spend much meaningful time in the water this summer - one day in Mock's pool. That's it. Inspired by the class, though, Our Girl and I have been spending quite a lot of time at the town pool - really a pond. In fact, if we could have had one more day, I think she would have passed. Yesterday afternoon, after class, she was swimming up a storm. She even managed a convincing back stroke, which is beyond Level 2. Oh well.

She's not upset about not passing. Really, why should she be? She still learned a lot and knows what she needs to work on for next time. Besides, it encouraged both of us to get in the water more which she loves. I'm the one who cares about the levels. I think it's important for everyone to learn to be a strong swimmer. As such, I need to get more involved. So, I've already put in a request for two weeks of lessons next summer, combined with more time in the pool this year and next.

We had a difficult week on the family decision front. As it turns out, this coming year's dance class is on the same evening as soccer practice. Our Girl really wants to do both, of course. Dance is her passion and soccer is an important activity she shares with her school friends. After much hemming and hawing (on my part) we made her choose. It's a tough one. Her teachers for both activities are really great. Both have become important people in her life. We decided (more or less) as a family that she would regret missing a year of dance more than a season of soccer. It's not the last time we'll need to make such difficult choices. Perhaps we can take the opportunity to explore other activities she might enjoy.

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