Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Adventures: The Village Cup

The end of August means the end of summer vacation. I went back for in-service last week. Students will return soon. My very generous parents are in town to help with child care before Our Girl goes back to school, too. My Wife and I took advantage of the opportunity for a weekend on our own - more on that later.

Photo via Vorse Construction

We did have time for one adventure together on Sunday afternoon during Irene's deluge: The Village Cup. I hadn't been before, but I was the only newbie in our party. My parents took us all out for brunch. I had a Belgian waffle, a side of bacon and coffee - most satisfactory. It's a very pleasant setting, with what would be a nice view of a ravine on a sunny day.

We spent our weekend away in the very charming town of Woodstock, Vermont. We stayed at the 1830 Shire Town Inn. The innkeeper is trying to sell the place so if you're in the market for a duplex in southeastern Vermont, get in touch. The highlight of our trip - and the reason we chose that area for our getaway - was the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor. As noted in previous posts, Harpoon is our favorite brand. For $5, we enjoyed a tour and a generous tasting. The Leviathan Imperial IPA was my preference, but drink responsibly as it is 10% alcohol.

Our Girl had a marvelous time being entertained by her grandparents while we were away. They took her to the Vermont International Children's Film Festival in Waitsfield. I have to admit that I'm sorry to have missed it ourselves. I hope they'll do it again in future years!

I am very grateful to be able to say that we were spared the worst of Irene at our place. Much of Vermont was hit pretty hard, including the area where we spent the weekend. Water is high throughout the state. I drove past thoroughly submerged cornfields today which was very upsetting. Maybe life will be fair and we'll get a mild winter in exchange.


  1. I echo your sentiment about a mild winter....this spring was not kind to many of us, too.

    Did you search for the Vampire's Heart?!?!

  2. Doh! We forgot about that. Something for next time...