Monday, August 8, 2011

My Baseball Fantasy: Romero

Private League: lost 1-9 (106-65-9 overall, 1st place out of 10, 3 games ahead)
Public League: 1st place out of 12, 5 points ahead
My Player of the Week: Ricky Romero (Starting Pitcher, Blue Jays) with 2 wins, 12 strikeouts, a 1.69 ERA and a 0.56 WHIP

Photo via EndScore

Boy, I got walloped this week. That's what I get for going on vacation (more on that soon), though it may not have mattered. I don't seem to match up well against this guy. This was my only loss in the second time through the schedule, but I only managed a tie against last week's opponent in the first round. Overall records aren't going to be worth much in the playoffs. At the moment, he's in seventh place, out of playoff position - a good thing for me in the long run.

Romero was outstanding in his two starts this past week, going eight innings in each. Unfortunately, his win yesterday was at the Orioles' expense. Even his efforts weren't enough to help me in the private league. My only stat win for the week was in saves.

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