Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Squid Mixes: Happy Apple

A happy apple combines gold rum, apple cider and lemon juice with a lime twist.  I got my recipe from The New York Bartender's Guide.  I didn't quite have enough gold rum so I supplemented with light.

This was a good pantry clearer.  I had plenty of leftover cider from the wassail and it was good to kill the gold rum bottle, too.  The drink was nice: a little tart.  I quite like that but my wife would have preferred something more appley.

Bitters of the Month

I tried this Old-Fashioned recipe from Cook In/Dine Out as it incorporated Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters.  It was also an unusual recipe for the fact that it was stirred in a mixing glass with syrup rather than prepared in the glass with sugar.  It's a perfectly nice drink with a mintiness from the bitters.


  1. Man, I think we just used up our apple cider. bah

    1. I was pleased to have a use for what we had left over.

  2. Sounds interesting. I think I would like it tart.