Friday, February 26, 2010

Vancouver Day 15: They're Going to Need Their Left-Handed Scissors

My Wife actually watched the end of the women's gold medal curling game with mild enthusiasm. What a heart breaker for Canada! I did find it amusing that the commentators questioned almost every decision the Swedes made in the last two ends and they won anyway.

The bronze medal game was a bit of a let down. Our Girl and I were pulling for China so that was fine but it was such a whiff for Switzerland that it was hard to be too thrilled. I am doing my best to pass on my philosophy to my daughter: a good game is one in which everyone plays well and it's just a shame that someone has to lose. Our team won but it's still disappointing that the other team didn't play well. She's an empathetic soul. I think she understands.

I almost thought Slovakia was going to pull one out of the hat against Canada in their hockey game this evening. That's a fine team they have and I think they have a real shot at taking out Finland tomorrow night for the bronze. The gold medal game should be a great one. I do think that Canada has the edge - superior talent can carry you pretty far. But Team USA has already beaten them once. Can they do it again?

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