Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vancouver Day 2: Six for Ohno

Congratulations to Apolo Ohno for becoming the USA's all-time leading male medal winner in the Winter Games. He won the silver medal in the short-track 1500 meters. I would still contend that Eric Heiden's sweep of the golds in speed skating in 1980 is far more impressive but six medals over three different Olympics is pretty darn good.

No gold medals yet for Canada, still looking for its first on home soil. They're sure to win others along the way but it seems that with men's and women's competitions in both hockey and curling, they should win at least one if not all four.

Meanwhile, I am eager for men's hockey to start. The women's games are fun, too, but somehow I doubt that the Canadian men could manage an 18-0 result against Slovakia.

There has been much discussion of NBC's highly questionable taste in airing the footage of yesterday's luge disaster. I haven't watched it and will avoid ever doing so. I simply don't have the stomach for it. Beyond my own discomfort, it's gaper's block on a world feed and I can't help feeling that it's more than a little disrespectful to Kumaritashvili's family and teammates. What is the motivation for NBC? Ratings? Exposing the high risks of what is, quite frankly, a crazy sport? I have a hard time believing that it's all about journalistic integrity.

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