Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vancouver Day 8: Vernon Davis Sighting

Vernon Davis, honorary captain of the USA men's curling team, was on hand for the team's first victory of the bonspiel, defeating France. Davis is a Pro Bowl tight end for the San Francisco 49ers and was the MVP of my fantasy football team this year. As I've written before, he has turned out to be a far more interesting person than I would expect an NFL tight end to be.

Checking in with the Capitals

I caught some of the Czech Republic/Latvia game and was thus able to see Tomas Fleischmann play. All five Caps are now assured of being in the medal round. The Czechs and the Swedes each boast two wins. The Russians, despite having lost to Slovakia in a shootout, can finish no worse than eighth overall, thus guaranteeing a spot in the quarters.

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