Monday, February 15, 2010

Vancouver Day 3: Alexandre Bilodeau, National Hero

Thank goodness Canada finally has its first gold as host nation. Alexandre Bilodeau won the men's moguls. Now we don't have to hear about the jinx anymore.

Caught a fair amount of the day's action. My daughter sat with me quite happily for a while. She seems to like the luge the best, a terrifying thought for her parents. She already knows she's not allowed to try it.

I find I enjoy the Nordic ski events a lot more than I used to. Obviously the pace is not as fast as in other sports but given that everyone is on the course at once, it feels like more of a race. Coverage has improved as well. With more cameras, they can quickly shift focus to different sections of the race. The close finish in the Nordic Combined was pretty exciting. Congratulations to Johnny Spillane for winning USA's first ever medal in the event. It's crushing to lose a long race at the finish like that but he looked pretty happy on the medal stand.

The ladies in my family are both home today: My Wife because of Presidents Day, Our Girl because she's been running a fever. For me, one more week before February break.

Still eager to see a competitive hockey game.

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  1. I saw Bilodeau and his family on one of the Canadian stations this morning. Whole story brought a tear to my eye.