Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family Adventures: Harvest Market

This weekend is Harvest Market weekend in our little town, by far the biggest to-do of the year. Imagine a yard sale times 30 and you'll start to get the idea. Add in fried dough, cider donuts, a fife and drum corps and campaigning local politicians and you're there. The town's population easily triples in one day. It is the place to see and be seen for the whole family.

Once fall hits, it's pretty much always hunting season for one critter or another in Vermont. If we're to continue hiking, as we hope to do, we all need bright orange stuff to stand out in the woods (we'll probably stay home once deer season, aka Amateur Hour, begins). As such, I was thrilled to find a bright orange cap on sale for a quarter. Rather than bother with a bag, I just put it right on my head.

My Wife kept making comments that I should always wear it no matter where we go so she can always find me. Nonetheless, I did not realize just how brightly orange the cap was until we walked back to the car and I saw my reflection in car windows. When we got home, she joked that we could get rid of Our Girl's night light. I asked if she'd been embarrassed to be seen with me wearing it around the market. She diplomatically changed the subject.

Follow Up: Mini Golf Variations

I should clarify my earlier post, in which I suggested a sort of speed golf for our next mini golf outing. Mock expressed concern that whomever putted last would be playing alone. That wasn't what I meant at all. Instead, the 3 or 4 who finished first would form their own splinter group and move onto the next hole rather than waiting. I'm just looking for a way to speed things up by a means more creative than just splitting into smaller groups right off.

Naturally, there are many suggestions for mini golf variations on the Internet. Check out Mini Golf, Variations on a Theme.

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  1. I asked if she'd been embarrassed to be seen with me wearing it around the market.

    At least she didn't say "Totes."