Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Football Fantasy: Many Happy Returns

College League: Squid wins 87.15-79.84 (2-1 overall record)
Vermont League: Squid loses 128.94-93.94 (2-1)
My MVP: Leon Washington (Running Back, Seahawks) with 253 return yards, 2 kickoff return touchdowns and 1 rushing attempt for 0 yards

Photo via KOMOnews.com

That 35-point beat down which I took in the Vermont League was our league-high margin for the week. Ouch! Otherwise, I'm pretty happy to be heading into the bye weeks at 2-1 in both leagues.

Leon Washington had the game of his life on Sunday. He is the first Seahawk in team history to record two kickoff return touchdowns in a single game. Given that the final margin of victory was only seven points, Washington deserves a major portion of the credit for Seattle's big-time upset over the Chargers.

Pattern or coincidence? Washington is my third MVP in a row who is a Florida native. Washington is from Jacksonville. Frank Gore is from Coconut Grove. Chad Ochocinco is from Miami. Washington is new to the Northwest, having spent his first four NFL seasons with the Jets. He's also brand new to my fantasy team (college league). I just picked him up this week to help out with upcoming bye weeks. Little did I know the boost he would bring!

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