Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Adventures: Last Weekend Before Equinox

It's definitely starting to feel like fall. We went apple picking this weekend, at least the lazy person's version. We bought a couple of bags of apples, then sat in Adirondack chairs sipping hot cider and eating donuts. We're all in cold recovery mode so actually picking them off the trees seemed a bit too ambitious.

Our Girl and I watched a little college football over lunch on Saturday and she asked if there was any soccer on. I was tickled pink that she asked but a little disappointed to tell her that there wasn't any on at that moment. Maybe we'll try to catch some English and Spanish league games on the weekends. But I did point out that we could go watch games at the local high school sometime. She seemed game for the idea.

Our Girl's soccer team had a 1-1 draw today. At one point, one of her teammates fell and accidentally touched the ball with his hand. The refs didn't see it. My Wife looked at me and said, "Hand ball."

I replied, "He burned the rock." It was a reference to Men with Brooms from last night. She laughed. At least the movie supplied us with a joke.

Our Girl and I practiced some in the backyard, too. I tried to offer some pointers in terms of stealing the ball and, conversely, protecting it. She improved a lot just in a couple of days. It's nice that she's doing something where I have a little bit to offer in terms of helping her. I'm not much use to her in the dance studio.

Follow Up: Mini Golf

I agree with Mock's daughter. The speed golf on the back nine was the most fun during our round. Our group was a little on the large side at seven. It wasn't really a problem at first as we were the first ones on the course but there was definitely more pressure to move things along as other groups arrived.

So, I have had some ideas for next time. For example, we could all play the first hole together but people would move on to the next as soon as they finished, not waiting for the rest of the group. It would be nice to maintain groups so no one's golfing alone but it would help to speed things along.


  1. Didn't I tee off last? I'd be all by myself....

  2. No, you wouldn't. We'd create an advance group of 3 or 4 as they finished the first hole, thus creating two groups rather than just one big one.