Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Football Fantasy: A New Season

College League: Squid wins, 92.35-63.99
Vermont League: Squid wins, 75.64-70.18
My MVP: Chad Ochocinco (Wide Receiver, Bengals) with 12 receptions, 159 yards and 1 touchdown

Photo via Bengals Gab

In case you haven't heard, the NFL is back in session. Far more importantly, that means that fantasy football is back. I'm in two leagues this year: the same league I was in last year with my college friends and also a league with Mock and company. A quick compare and contrast...

- 12 teams in both leagues, substantially fewer than the 18 we had in the college league last year
- Both had live online drafts.
- I have four of the same players on my team in both leagues: Frank Gore, Pierre Thomas, Chad Ochocinco and Felix Jones.
- In both leagues, we were scrambling at the last minute to find a 12th member. Interestingly, it was the same people who bailed us out for both: a husband-and-wife team I know from college.

- I am the commissioner for the Vermont league and I just used the Yahoo! default settings except for the trade review provision - we don't have one. There are some other significant differences with the college league.
- The rosters are quite different. The Vermont league has 3 WRs and 2 RBs whereas the college league has 2 of each plus a W/R flex.
- The college league roster includes 3 individual defensive players (IDPs) in addition to the team defense. The Vermont league roster has a team defense but no IDPs.
- Perhaps the most significant difference of all is the size of the bench. The Vermont league has 6 bench spots to support 9 starting positions. The college league has a meager 4 bench spots for 12 starting positions.

I can't complain about starting with a win in both leagues. The fact that I've got Ochocinco in both certainly didn't hurt. While the man may indeed be a parody of himself, one can't deny that he's quite a football player. Having Terrell Owens on the opposite side and a suspension-avoiding Cedric Benson running out of the backfield should be great for Hachi Go's numbers. Apparently, Japanese is his next name change choice. Why not German: Acht Funf? Funf is easily my favorite German word.

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