Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family Adventures: Our Ballerina

My parents were in town this past weekend, the main draw being Our Girl's dance recital.  She has been devoted to ballet for a couple years now but she's suggested that she might like to try something different this next year: hip hop or tap, maybe.  We have some time to think about it.  Meanwhile, the recital went very well.

My folks arrived on Friday night and Saturday began inauspiciously.  High winds knocked out our electrical power.  Losing lights is one problem but the big issue for us is water.  We have a well and when the electricity goes, we lose the pump.  Facing any stretch of time with a house full of guests and severely compromised toilet capacity was daunting, to say the least.  I quickly suggested we go out for breakfast.

The Village Cup served our needs perfectly.  Everyone used the opportunity to go to the bathroom, too.  Fortunately, the power came on again not long after we got back, still allowing us all plenty of time to get ready for the recital.  Phew!

Image via Sonoma Station

One of the big highlights anytime my parents visit is dinner at their favorite Vermont restaurant: Sonoma Station in Richmond.  They offer "New American Cuisine" in a simple, yet elegant atmosphere.  We've been several times over the years and I've never had a bad order.  We have a charming waitress who always remembers us, too, and even manages to remember the details of dance recitals from years past - impressive.  All the adults had the rack of lamb special - divine.  There was also a very exciting dessert: lemon basil sorbet, apparently a creation of one of their kitchen interns.  Oh my goodness!  Heavenly!  My Wife makes her own ice cream during the summer months and I expect basil possibilities will be explored this year.

Thai for lunch the next day, it was our first time taking my parents to Sukho Thai since the new owners took over.  We all agreed that if anything, the food has improved under the new regime.  I had the Spicy Tamarind Duck special which was wonderful.

Finally, we spent Sunday afternoon at the Fleming Museum, the University of Vermont's main art museum.  We've lived in Vermont for ten years now and, somewhat surprisingly, had never been to the museum before.  It's small but the collection is impressive.  The academic year is over so it's quiet, too.  Given my recent comic explorations, I'm particularly drawn to the pop art.  The Fleming has both a Warhol Cow

Image via Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd.

and a Lichtenstein Sandwich and Soda.

Image via MMoCA

One of my favorites at the museum was Granite Quarry by Francis Colburn:

Image via VPR

We'll definitely be back.  There was even talk of becoming members. 

On the kickball front, we had our second game last night.  I played catcher, which was fun.  For my only at-bat (at-kick?), I kicked into a fielder's choice - not too happy about that.  We lost again, 4-1 again.  It was tied after 5 innings at 1-1 but, as there was plenty of time before the next game, we agreed to play extra innings.  What fools we were!  I realized only too late that they had their best players coming up.  Oh well.  Just as with broomball, everyone makes the playoffs so if we can get our act together by then, I think our team has decent potential.  There's talk of better organization regarding positions and substitutions for the next game - and maybe even practice!

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