Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wimbledon Day 3: Hampton

Curtain Call

Player: Jamie Lee Hampton
Age: 22
Nation: USA
Current Ranking: 100
Notable Conquest: Daniela Hantuchova (Slovakia, 27th seed)
Today's Result: loss to Heather Watson (UK) in straight sets

Photo via Forum Pakistan

This is Hampton's first main draw at Wimbledon.  I swear I don't plan these things but this is now my third time featuring her in this space, both previous times for the Australian Open.  She was also my Curtain Call for Aussie 2012, Day 4 and for Aussie 2011, Day 1.

Golden Squid Report

Tobias Kamke - Kamke and doubles partner Matthias Bachinger (Germany) went through qualifying to reach the main draw.  Wimbledon is the only Slam that has a qualifying tournament for doubles.  They lost today in the first round to Jamie Delgado/Kenneth Skupski (UK) in four sets.  Kamke also lost in the first round to fellow Golden Squid, Richard Gasquet (France, 18th) in straight set.


  1. I could never watch tennis. I don't really understand the scoring that well (even after playing hundreds of games on the Wii) and there's that awful grunting or shrieking the female players especially do. It's gross.

    1. I wasn't too into it growing up but Pete Sampras converted me. I'm with you on the grunting. Generally I prefer watching the men, though not because of that. It's because of the obnoxious things the commentators tend to say about the women.

      When the best go head-to-head - that is, any combination of Djokovic, Nadal and Federer - it's must-see TV with moments of genius on every fifth shot.

      The scoring, I'll admit, is weird but it makes sense once you get the hang of it.