Thursday, September 13, 2012

Double Barrel #4

Title: Double Barrel
Issue: #4
Release: September 2012
Writers: Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon
Artists: Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon

Image via Top Shelf Productions

I won a t-shirt!  I was a finalist in the caption contest in issue #3.  You're just going to have to read #4 to see what I wrote.  I shall wear it with pride.  I'll post a picture, too.

The Cannons demonstrated two advantages of the digital medium in this latest edition of their web comic.  First, they set the release date back a week so they could include the results of the caption contest.  Second, Zander's story Heck was set in a new orientation: landscape.  Essentially, this means the panels run over what would normally be two pages, the long way across.  Again, you'll need to read the comic to see what I mean but, let's be honest here, you should really be doing that anyway. 

In Zander's Heck, Hector and Elliott enter the city of Dis where they are taunted by the heretics.  In Kevin's Crater XV, we learn the details of Captain Sztab's diabolical plan.  Extras include Part 3 of Kevin's Penny from the Front and Zander's Here Me Is!, in which Zander's wife's dread fear of leprechauns is revealed. 

Kevin takes a turn with the How To: section this month.  He offers tips for sketch tourism, essentially replacing your camera with a sketch pad.  Clearly, this is targeted at people far more capable in the visual arts than I but it has me thinking.  Much of my discomfort in discussing art comes from my lack of ability in that area, or at least a lack of confidence. One of my goals for the year is to learn more about art.  Perhaps the best way would be to jump in and try it.

My usual disclaimer: I went to college with the Cannons so I am predisposed to enjoy their work.  That said, I wouldn't bother writing about Double Barrel if I didn't think it was good.

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