Friday, June 25, 2010

South Africa 2010: The Field Is Halved

Well, Ivory Coast didn't make up the 9-goal deficit between them and Portugal but it was sure fun watching them try. In the end, it didn't matter with Portugal achieving a draw against Brazil.

South America is 5 for 5. Chile didn't win its group but it did make it out of the group stage. South America's 100% success rate far exceeds anyone else's.

With the group stage finished, it's time to check in on our story lines.

Brazil is in great shape. It's a shame they drew Chile in the next round. It would have been great to see all five South American teams make it to the quarters.

The Spanish team should buy Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Brava a beer this evening. He gifted them a goal, thus gifting them a win. Spain still would have advanced with a draw but the win allowed them to win the group, thus avoiding Brazil in the next round. Instead, their all-Iberian tilt with Portugal should be the highlight match of the second round.

The Africa story is now just the Ghana story. In my ESPN bracket, I have them going all the way to the semis. Can they do it?

My picks for the second round: Uruguay, Ghana, Germany, Argentina, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan and Spain.

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