Thursday, June 17, 2010

South Africa 2010: He's a Keeper

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South African Vuvuzela Phiharmonic Angered by Soccer Games Breaking out During Concerts from The Onion

Argentina v. South Korea

You know, even though they lost, I was impressed with how the Koreans played. They never stopped fighting even when they fell behind. I'm surprised by how quickly you see the life go out of some teams even when they're just a goal down.

The Argentines were just better - in every section of the pitch. They were typically brilliant offensively but also did a great job of clogging the goal box in their own end. Brilliant midfield play, too. The rest of the field is on notice!

Greece v. Nigeria

My doppelganger met up again with Angelo and his pals at the bar in Athens. The atmosphere was much more cheerful this time as Greece played much better. Everyone knows that the next match against Argentina will be the toughest but the Greeks pulled off the impossible by winning Euro 2004 so who knows? The possibility remains of making it out of the group stage so, of course we're meeting again on Tuesday for the next match.

Angelo, my doppelganger and I are all very impressed by Vincent Enyeama, the Nigerian goalkeeper. He has been Man of the Match twice, both Nigerian losses. He was brilliant today, really the only reason his team was able to keep it close, especially once they went down a man. Enyeama current plays for a club in Israel. He's only 27 - young for a goalie. Somehow, I think Hapoel Tel Aviv is going to start getting a lot of calls from higher profile European clubs interested in a transfer.

With two more matches left in this group, I'm expecting Argentina and South Korea to advance.

Mexico v. France

What an exciting win for Mexico! And how sad it was to see Thierry Henry sitting helplessly on the bench. And no, I don't think Hernandez was offside. It was close but he wasn't.

For this group, it sure looks like Uruguay and Mexico moving through. Who'd have thought?

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