Tuesday, June 22, 2010

South Africa 2010: Goodbye to Angelo

My doppelganger met Angelo and his friends one last time to watch Greece take on Argentina. The Greek team, sadly, was no match for the South American powerhouse. There were many drinks, many tears, many laughs, many calls of wait until next time. Or at least I assume that was what they were saying. I sang along to their songs as best I could. We wished each other well. My doppelganger will have to say goodbye to Greece soon - on to who knows where.

Back in Vermont, Our Girl has had well enough of the vuvezelas and asked if we could listen to the Beatles instead. I'm always happy to comply with that. She knows the Beatles as simply "Daddy's favorite band" and will request them as such. It just makes my heart melt. We went with Help!, her favorite album followed by Revolver, probably mine. The World Cup and the Fab Four are a lovely combination.

And so, two groups finished today, both won by South American teams. A pattern is definitely emerging. Meanwhile, I can hardly believe France is going home with only one goal for the tournament. It was nice to see Henry in the game, though.

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