Monday, June 21, 2010

South Africa 2010: South American Dominance

Everybody's played two games so it's time to take stock.

Brazil - Well, that's much better. The Brazilians are already through to the knockout round. They can rest players as needed against Portugal. My guess is that Portugal wins that game and also moves on to the next round.

Spain - I'm sure they feel better after today's win but Spain's in trouble. They've got a much tougher opponent in Chile than the Swiss will have in Honduras. In fact, I think Chile can beat them. If the Swiss also manage a win, Spain's going home. Wow!

Africa - It's hard to paint the results for the African teams as anything but disappointing so far. As I see it, Ghana has the best chance of moving on but Germany looms and you know they'll be motivated!

Rather quietly, this has become a South American tournament. All five South American nations lead their respective groups and I see all of them moving on to the next round.

Amazingly, only four teams have won two games: Argentina, The Netherlands, Brazil and Chile. Argentina has the best goal difference of that group at +4. With one group game left for everyone, the real fun begins.

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