Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family Adventures: Belden Dam

It was a Novemberish weekend - very grey and occasionally rainy. But oddly enough, it still isn't especially cold with temperatures in the 50s today. Saturday was quiet but we headed south today to meet some friends. First, we went letterboxing at Belten Dam in New Haven, Vermont. We didn't find the first box but we did get the second. I got some nice pictures along the way.

Afterwards, we went to Two Brothers Tavern in Middlebury. My standard order for my first time at a restaurant is a club sandwich if they have one or a burger if they don't. I figure if they can get one of those right, the rest of the menu is likely to be pretty good, too. I went with the tavern burger today and it was a good choice. Nice beer list, too - 17 on tap alone. I had the Wolaver IPA, a local brew. Service was good as well.

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