Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm with the Band: Notre Dame

Band: Band of the Fighting Irish
University: University of Notre Dame
Founded: 1842
Current Director: Dr. Ken Dye
Fight Song: "Notre Dame Victory March"

For me, this one's all about the fight song. "Notre Dame Victory March" was also my high school's fight song. I did four years of marching band in high school. The first year, I was just an instrument holder - essentially there to fill the space in the formations - as I had not yet learned to play the trombone. It was my sister's clever trick for getting me to follow her footsteps into the band program. It's not easy to "pretend" to play the trombone. The slide's a dead giveaway. I had to keep a close eye on the guy next to me to be sure I was in approximately the right position.

Knowing now how seriously marching band is taken at many high schools, our program was very low-key - just one hour of rehearsal a week, very modest formations, rarely moving and playing at the same time. I doubt any of us, director included, would point to marching band as the highlight of our high school musical experience. And yet, I'm glad to have done it. Marching bands are scarce in Vermont. Our local high school doesn't have one. The high school in the town where I teach doesn't have one. I completely understand why but I'm a little disappointed that my daughter may have to wait until college to have that experience, if at all.

The Band of the Fighting Irish is the oldest college band in the country. The "Victory March" was written by the Shea brothers, Rev. Michael J. and John F. It has been called the best of all college fight songs and in my humble opinion, it's not even a close call. Everyone else is battling for a distant second. I suppose I am biased.

The Glee Club:

The Dropkick Murphys:

I could not, in good conscience, write about Notre Dame without a tribute to Samwise Gamgee... I mean, Rudy:

All This and Football, Too

My Picks for the Week: 10/19 (tied for 1st place out of 3 players)
My Picks for the Season: 149/239 (3rd out of 3)

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