Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm with the Band: Indiana

Band: Indiana University Marching Hundred
University: Indiana University
Founded: 1896
Current Director: David C. Woodley

IU is My Wife's alma mater. She has boycotted my I'm with the Band posts to this point because I've been writing about so many schools she was raised to hate rather than the ones she actually likes. Naturally, I have responded to her act of civil disobedience by declining to start with the Inidana schools until I was good and ready! Ours is a healthy marriage. Really, I promise. It is.

America's highest tier of music colleges consists of three schools: Julliard, Eastman and Indiana. The performance majors at IU are destined for the great symphonies and opera companies of the world. Very few of them would ever stoop so low as to participate in such a blue-collar operation as a marching band. Even music education majors only account for about 10% of the band. This is actually quite typical of big-time college marching bands. Most marchers have other, undoubtedly more sensible majors. They march because they love it. Bless them. The world is a better place for them.

Indiana is also well-known for its world class language programs. My Wife was a dual major: French and Arabic.

All This and Football, Too

My Picks for the Week: 13/20 (3rd place out of 3 players)
My Picks for the Season: 127/200 (3rd out of 3)

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