Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Family Adventures: Peter Pan

The other night, whilst getting ready for bed, Our Girl told us she wants to be an actress when she grows up.  "I'm really good at playing dead," she continued.  "Wanna see?" and proceeded to flop down on the sofa cushions. 

While this was her first time expressing such a desire, I've seen it coming for many years.  I'm not saying the girl's a drama queen.  I am a teacher and I've known plenty of those, of both genders.  But I've long thought that theater would combine a lot of the things she loves: storytelling, make believe, dress up, dance, music, art, etc.  I've always assumed that as soon as she realized it was something she could do herself, she'd want to give it a try.

Image via Saints & Poets Production Company

Coincidentally or not, I'm not sure, we went to see a play as a family for the first time this weekend, not long after our daughter's newly divulged career goals.  We saw Peter Pan as presented by the Saints & Poets Production Company at the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center in Burlington.  This "new version" was written by John Caird and Trevor Nunn.  I was always familiar with the story growing up but I can't say I fully appreciated it until I actually read the book one summer during college.  Ever since, I have been partial to the stage and screen interpretations which stick most faithfully to J.M. Barrie's original.  This play was nice.  The company is an unusual one, with an expressed mission of promoting puppetry.  The story was mostly performed by live actors but there were a few wooden puppets - Nana and the crocodile, for instance - with all puppeteers in full view of the audience.

Afterward, we had an early dinner at San Sai.  We went with an assortment of rolls and appetizers.  I was especially pleased with the pork belly.  I forgot to mention last time that one thing I really appreciate about San Sai is the fact that one can get Japanese beer on tap.  I don't often miss Japanese beer but with sushi, nothing else quite cuts it.  Capped off with creemees (aka soft serve) at Jericho Center Country Store on the way home, it was a great afternoon.

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