Monday, May 14, 2012

My Baseball Fantasy: Joey Votto

Private League: lost, 4-6 (24-35-1 overall, 8th place out of 10 teams)
Public League: won, 6-2-2 (30-27-3, 6th out of 12)
My Player of the Week: Joey Votto (First Baseman, Reds) with 3 home runs, 8 RBI, 7 runs, 1 stolen base and a .429 batting average

It was an interesting week.  In the private league, I lost but moved up the standings.  In the public league, I've moved into playoff position - very happy about that.

Photo via Midwest Sports Fan
The Canadian Votto was my top draft pick in both leagues.  He's finally living up to promise.  He comes from culinary stock (forgive the pun): Dad was a chef, Mom a sommelier and restaurant manager.  He won the Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada's athlete of the year in 2010.

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