Monday, May 14, 2012

Orioles 2012: Bottom of the 2nd

Teams usually load the middle of the batting order, the 4th, 5th and 6th spots, with power hitters.  For the 2012 Orioles, the 4 and 5 spots are pretty well locked down by the team's two most consistent hitters to this point of the season.  The #6 spot has been more fluid, as we shall see.

The Cleanup Hitter

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Adam Jones is having an All-Star caliber campaign thus far.  He ranks 6th in the American League with a .567 slugging percentage.  He's also 5th in the league in home runs with 10.

The 5th Hitter

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Matt Wieters is the team's emerging star.  At 25, he's already considered by many to be the best catcher in the American League.  He's slugging at .547 for the season.  His on-base percentage is .356.  At this early point in the year, it would seem that the Orioles' offense will go as far as Jones and Wieters can take them.

The 6th Hitter

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While turnover at the #6 slot has been higher than at 4 and 5, the switch-hitting Wilson Betemit has gotten most of the starts here over the last nine games with five.  Betemit signed with the team as a free agent during the off-season.

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Overall, Chris Davis has been the stronger statistical hitter in the 6th spot, though he's only gotten two starts in that position over the past nine games.  His slugging percentage is .660 when batting 6th as opposed to Betemit's .400.  His on-base percentage is also better: .389 vs. .286.

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Mark Reynolds, currently on the disabled list, also got a start in the 6th position.  Overall, he has a .321 on-base percentage when batting 6th and a .304 slugging percentage.

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Nick Johnson also had one game in the 6th spot.  His overall numbers in that position are meager: .222 on-base percentage and a .267 slugging percentage.


  1. Thanks for the info! I need to start following the Orioles now that Johnny Damon is there. This is a team that I don't know much about at all.

    Kathy M.

    1. You're a Damon fan, ay? He's with the Indians now, actually. We could use him, though - probably not at the asking price, however.

  2. OOPPSSS! Johnny Damon is an Indian. I swear I didn't think that I had the right team (used to him being a Red Sox, NYY and Ray ... but when I Googled him the other day I thought he showed up as an Oriole ... what was that about?

  3. Here is the link ... but I blew it. And yes, I'm a Damon fan!

    1. I live in Vermont, deep in the heart of Red Sox Nation. Damon is loved by many but he lost many fans when he left to play for the enemy. It's the nature of the modern game, though, and I guess he got a warm reception in his most recent visit to Fenway.

  4. HA! I'm not the only one with man-candy on my blog!! Keep it coming!