Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Tennis Fantasy: Ferrer

Current Overall Standing: 26th
My MVP for the Week: David Ferrer (Spain) with $276,425, losing to Rafael Nadal (Spain) in the final of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters

Photo via TopNews

These days, it's not a bad gig being the second best Spaniard on the men's tennis tour. Nor is there any shame in losing to Rafa in Monte-Carlo, an event Nadal has now won seven years in a row. One of the quietest, hardest working and most dependable players on tour, Ferrer has recently had a brush with notoriety, lobbing a ball towards (but not actually anywhere near) a crying baby in the stands. Not a great way to make friends, dude! I thought of posting the video, but that seems a low blow for a player who did well by me this week. As a fan, I hope he makes up for his faux pas with more stellar tennis this season.

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