Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A to Z, The Orioles' Legacy: Guillermo Quiróz

Player: Guillermo Quiróz
Years of Service: 1 (2008)
Position: Catcher

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Amazingly, Quiróz is the second Venezuelan to make my A to Z list. He served as backup catcher for the Orioles in 2008, behind Ramón José Hernández, also Venezuelan, interestingly enough. At 29, Quiróz has a minor league deal with the Padres for 2011. As of yesterday morning, he was hitting .286 for AAA Tucson.


My astute pal Mock submitted the following comment in response to yesterday's post, regarding Ted Danson's resemblance to Jim Palmer:

Originally the character [Sam Malone of Cheers] was supposed to be a former football player. Once Danson was cast, they switched sports.

He is right, of course. In fact Fred Dryer, the one time LA Ram defensive end, was initially considered for the role. Dryer did fine, anyway. Hunter was a fun show. He made four guest appearances on Cheers, too.

I, for one, am grateful that they cast Danson instead. I still think his resemblance to Palmer is uncanny. Perhaps Palmer at least inspired the hairstyle...


For each letter of the A to Z Challenge, I will feature one player from Baltimore Orioles/St. Louis Browns history. I hope you will join me. I hope you'll also check out the other 1200+ blogs participating. See the full list at Tossing It Out.

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